Thomson Memorial Presbyterian Church; P.C.A.
Our Pastor
Rev. Eric Alan Greene has been our pastor since
September 2005.  He is originally from Louisiana and
received his B.B.A. undergraduate from Baylor University.  
He then attended Beeson Divinity School at Samford
University in Birmingham, AL; where he received a Masters
of Divinity in 2001.  He first served at Westminster
Presbyterian Church (P.C.A.) in Baton Rouge as the
Assistant Pastor from 2001 - 2005.  
Eric and his wife Katy have four children.
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Wednesday Night Bible Studies

- Genesis Studies - All In One

- Outline & Structure of Hebrews

- Studies in Romans

- Jesus Christ According To Matthew

- Infant Baptism

- Biblical Meanings of "Law"

- Chronology Studies - All In One

-  Evangelism Studies:    
(Taking the "ism" out of "evangelism")

-  The 5 Solas of the Reformation

-  Parable of the Wheat and Tares

-  Michael: "The Chief Messenger"

-  God's Trinitarian Covenant
click here for a chart summary

-  Aspects of Salvation

- The 4-headed Leopard / Greek Rulers in Daniel


Some helpful articles on Jesus' teaching on the
"last days".

- Outline of Ezra

-  120 Year Time Periods in Biblical History
Here are some diagrams and outlines of the 10
Commandments as taught in the Westminster
Larger Catechism:  
1st Commandment

2nd Commandment

3rd Commandment

3rd Commandment  pt. II  

4th Commandment  

5th Commandment  

5th Commandment  pt.II  

6th Commandment   

7th Commandment  

8th Commandment  

9th Commandment

10th Commandment
The following is another work in progress
indefinitely. It is a chart outlining the
chronology of events and prophecies during
and after the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.
Click here for the chart.  
Having a chart of chronological events is
easier to use as a quick reference, and for
me easier to recall to memory.  I hope this
enhances your understanding of the
scripture during this era, as it has helped
mine.  The information on this chart comes
entirely from James Jordan's understanding
of these chronological events, which he
outlines in his
commentary on Daniel.
Outline on the Acts of the Apostles, based on the days
of creation and specific structures of every section in the book.
Individual Chronology Charts:
1.  Creation to the Flood

2.  The Flood to Abraham

3.  Abraham's life

4.  Abraham's death to Joseph's death

5.  Joseph's death to the Judges & foundation
for Daniel's "70 Weeks"

6.  Judges to King Saul

7.  Chronological Details of David's Life

Click here for a handout summarizing an
explanation of the 1290 days and 1335 days
in Daniel 12:11-12.

Click here for a comparison of B.C. dates with
the "Year of the World" (AM) dates.  This also
includes thoughts on the relevance of
chronology to Biblical interpretation.
Oultines and Structures of Various Books:

Esther 1-4

Esther 1:4,5  &  The 187-day party

Outline of Proverbs 10 - 26.  Structures help
interpret Proverbs more accurately

Notes on Proverbs.  These are a brief
assortment of notes that I used to teach some

Structure of II Corinthians

Structure of Galatians
King James Bible conference in Carthage, TX
March 11, 2011
- Paper / Manuscript

- Power Point Presentation / Summary